As you’re all well aware, the end of the semester is fast approaching!

We will not have a November meeting and we have no events planned between now and next semester,  but we do want to see all your smiling faces before our month long break.

So we’ll be gathering for drinks and/or food at the City Bar (at 636 State St) on December 8th at 6pm! We will be discussing the process of electing new leadership for the 2017-2018 school year so if you’re interested in a leadership position and want to talk about what we do and how SAA-SC works, please come chat with us.

If you’re unable to make it, no worries! We’re always available via email or in person if you want to talk or have interest in leading SAA-SC next year. As always, we will send out an email with any important information discussed.

You’re welcome to bring a guest. Also, there’s no pressure to buy a drink or food, so if you just want to stop by for some free high-fives and to talk, please come!

Safe travels and enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!





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