Hello fellow archivists, records managers and librarians!

This is our new WordPress site, lovingly created by SLIS’s very own Amanda Larson. It’s still a work in progress, but bookmark this page because it will be your go-to for relevant meeting minutes, events, and a site to be shared when talking about what SAA-SC at UW-Madison SLIS does.

On this site you will find:

  • Under 2016-2017 Activity: Relevant information from meeting minutes and information about events, conferences, etc.
  • An up-to-date calendar of events, meetings, social nights, networking opportunities, relevant professional events, conferences, SLIS events and other student organization events. The calendar will be kept up to date by the board (Katie, Cat and Logan) and by the Social Media committee
  • It is also going to be the home of our Archives Month Blog! From 2008-2015, the Archives Month was on Blogspot. Now it’s here. Links to the old Blogspot are available on the blog’s page and archive.
  • You will also find our mission statement, about the organization, code of conduct, contact info, leadership info (board members and committees/ their members), links to old SAA-SC sites, resources for job searching, info about our program at SLIS, links to websites and resources about important topics in the field of archival studies, resources for personal archiving and information about archives and other relevant cultural institutions in Madison and the surrounding area.

If you have pictures from events last year and pictures in the future that we can share on this site, post them to the SAA-SC’s Facebook wall or send them to our email uwarchivists@gmail.com. We want this to be a long term, easy to navigate,  easily updated, adaptable site for SAA this year and into the future.

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